Pretty much anybody know that vintage jewelry is a great thing to have. But some people may struggle to truly share and understand the value and uniqueness that vintage jewelry holds. As a culture, we are fascinated by objects that belonged to a previous era. Just think about classic cars, first edition books and old master paintings that are all considered to be significant, beautiful, and valuable. Jewelry is no exception.

Here are our top 5 reasons (and benefits) to buying pre-loved and vintage jewelry:


While rare and precious vintage jewelry, such as those owned by celebrities or royal families, tend to be sold at a fortune, there are many affordable pieces of treasure to be found. In most instances, buying vintage costs significantly less than buying new and has the bonus of the piece increasing in value over time.


For those who love and collect jewelry, there is a romantic, mystical beauty to vintage jewelry which is virtually impossible to match these days. They are very often hand-made by a skilled craftsman with extraordinary attention to detail, the subtle sparkle and old-world techniques are incomparable to today’s modern design techniques.


Buying pre-loved and vintage jewelry will costs you at least 20% less than buying an equivalent new piece. This is because there is no manufacturing costs and most vintage jewelry dealers are small businesses which sells mainly via stalls, showrooms or online, saving expensive retail costs.


There is something very romantic about jewelry from another era, with a story to tell. With a piece of pre-loved or vintage jewelry, we become the next chapter of its sparkling history.


Modern trends tend to reference historical designs quite often, but a true vintage piece will always have a different look and feel to its modern counterparts. A classic piece from any era can stand the test of time. The wide variety of vintage styles makes it easy and fun to personalize your style with pieces that not everyone else will be wearing.